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Seismoelectric effects for geothermal resource assessment and monitoring

The project titled “seismoelectric effects for geothermal resource assessment and monitoring (SEE4GEO)” relies upon a fully integrated approach to assess the potential of seismoelectric effects (SEE) for the exploration and development of geothermal systems, by creating a SEE numerical package to be used for improved subsurface imaging and characterization, supported and validated by laboratory experiments and field surveys for practical application. 

SEE will be assessed in terms of data acquisition, cost and quality, and its capability in comparison with classical imaging and monitoring techniques, particularly decoupled seismic and electromagnetic methods. 

This project will demonstrate the power of seismoelectric effects technology, which is an emerging and innovative approach with a potential high impact in the context of geothermal resource development, where fluid properties, and formation permeability play a central role in the economic viability of a geothermal field.



Eivind Bastesen, NORCE

The project has received co-fund from the GEOTHERMICA project