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Joint Call 2021

Joint Call 2021

The Joint Call 2021 initiative is under the umbrella of GEOTHERMICA and JPP Smart Energy Systems transnational networks consisting of seventeen energy research and innovation national funding agencies from fifteen countries.

The ambition of Joint Call 2021 is to accelerate the heating and cooling transition by bringing together national programmes aimed at energy system integration and technological progress in the various heating and cooling technologies, with a strong presence but not limited to geothermal energy technologies.

The following alphabetically listed countries and regions committing their know-how to the joint innovation initiative of Joint Call 2021: Austria, Belgium- Wallonia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Switzerland,

Further information can be found on the GEOTHERMICA and JPP SES websites: Accelerating heating and cooling transition | Joint Call 2021 |