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Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Casing System for Geothermal Application

The goal of GRE-GEO is the development of a Glass-Reinforced Epoxy casing system. This includes the development of a geothermal well design with an integrated GRE casing, including all the necessary tools and downhole equipment. 

Primary goal of the project is the development of single-barrier tubular, which could serve as a standalone GRE-casing for new corrosion-free geothermal wells. Secondary Goal is the development of complimentary second-barrier tubular, which could reinforce conventional steal casings in existing wells. In order to maintain the well integrity standards and all safety regulations, development of a new API-aligned GRE-standard for casings will be conducted in parallel with the development of the tubing system. 

To prove the viability of the new product, the project will be finalized by the construction of one or more demonstrations wells. This will be accompanied by a communication strategy to raise awareness and acceptance of this new and revolutionary approach to well design. Most hydrothermal systems contain water with high salinity, which facilitates corrosion. 

The GRE GEO project tackles this problem by broadening the application range of glass fiber reinforced pipes to casings and tubing in geothermal wells. GRE casings increase the life expectancy of wells to over 30 years, effectively reducing the need for workover operation and saving costs on the long run

The project has received co-fund from GEOTHERMICA project