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Identification and Assessment of Deep GEOthermal Heat Resources in Challenging URBAN Environments

The objective of GEO-URBAN is to provide improved knowledge in relation to the identification, assessment and exploitation of geothermal energy resources in urban locations with low-enthalpy, hard rock reservoirs. GEO-URBAN has taken a novel approach to geophysical exploration through implementing techniques such as horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (Passive seismic) and magnetotellurics/CSAMT (electromagnetic). 

The ultimate goal is to accelerate the deployment of deep geothermal energy in Europe in previously undeveloped regions (Ireland and the northeast of Spain), through the use of novel geophysical imaging techniques and the development of a commercial road map for such environments. Stakeholder input and outreach will be key to achieving these objectives for the two test sites, Dublin city, Ireland and the urbanised Vallès region in Catalonia, Spain.

The project has received co-fund from GEOTHERMICA project