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Tight Geothermal Casing Connections for Axial Stress Mitigation

GeConnect aims at increasing the reliability of the downhole construction of geothermal wells beyond the state of the art using flexible couplings (patent filed 19th of December 2016, international publication number WO 2017/103950 A1). The flexible couplings are able to minimize the risk of casing failures, e.g. casing collapse due to high axial compressive stresses and casing/coupling failure due to axial tensile stresses or cement failures due to axial forces applied onto the cement.

The function and structural capacity of prototypes of the flexible coupling has been tested at ambient temperatures at SINTEF and later after modifications it was tested at NORCE (former IRIS) in the GeoWell project (picture taken during testing at SINTEF facilities in Trondheim, Norway).

The project has received co-fund from GEOTHERMICA project