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Innovation for D e-Risking E nhanced Geothermal E nergy P rojects

Innovations in geothermal risk governance are urgently needed and possible, based on recent advances in seismic monitoring technologies, modelling capabilities and process understanding. 

DEEP executes an ambitious work program that leverages on national efforts, bringing ongoing and planned, but currently fragmented initiatives together into a coherent international effort towards the ultimate goal of de-risking future geothermal projects worldwide. Seismic risk reduction and reservoir efficiency are in the case of EGS reservoirs coupled problems: Balancing risk and economic output is a key requirement and DEEP has a strong focus on optimization of monitoring and risk assessment procedures in order to reduce commercial costs to future projects.

DEEP working towards presenting reliable procedures to assess and reduce the seismic risk in order to maintain the social licenses to operate geothermal energy. 


The project has received co-fund from GEOTHERMICA project