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COntrol SEISmicity and Manage Induced earthQuakes

The EU GEOTHERMICA funded project COSEISMIQ integrates seismic monitoring and imaging techniques, geo-mechanical models and risk analysis methods with the ultimate goal of implementing innovative tools recently developed. The selected demonstration site for this project is the Hengill region in Iceland, where the two largest geothermal power plants of the country are in operation. 

ETH partners with ISOR and Reykjavik Energy, where they work together to enhance the existing seismic monitoring network in Hengill area in order to improve the monitoring of the induced seismicity with respect to hazard and information about the reservoir evolution, such as active faults and fluid pathways. The adaptive, data driven approaches of COSEISMIQ for reservoir optimization and for the control and management of induced seismicity represent a major contribution to safe and sustainable geothermal energy exploitation. In this context, one of the main aims of COSEISMIQ is to provide operators with a reliable decision tool to estimate the risk of induced seismicity following reservoir operations.


Working towards a reliable decision support tool aiming at controlling seismicity and managing induced earthquakes during geothermal operations, using innovative seismic monitoring and imaging tools combined with the state of the art geomechanical models.

The project has received co-fund from GEOTHERMICA project